Meet Dulce Ridder

Dulce Ridder is running for State Representative to make a difference. Born in Honduras, Dulce, and her family immigrated to America in search of a safer life with more opportunities.
Dulce began her professional career working in New York City. She moved to Monroe County two months before September 11, 2001, and was at work in the World Trade Center when the terrorist attack on America occurred.
Following the terrorist attacks, Dulce decided that she wanted to work closer to home in Monroe County and began her training in real estate. In 2004 she was licensed in Pennsylvania and has spent her career helping families realize the American dream of owning their own home. Dulce treats her clients as family resulting in long term relationships and success.
As a dedicated wife, mother, and businesswoman, Dulce has been very involved in our community. She served as a Director for the Pocono Arts Council from 2013 through 2019; As a
member of the Pocono Mountain Association of Realtors, she served on the Government Affairs Committee; Dulce served on the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors Diversity Committee and was Government Affairs Director of the Pocono Chapter National Association of Hispanic Realtors. Dulce and her family practice their faith at St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Stroudsburg.  Dulce and her husband are the proud parents of Michael, Lindsay, Christian, Leigh Ann and
Tiffany. Raising five children has taught Dulce the importance of a strong community and the need to stand up for what is right.


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What dulce ridder stands for



As a local real estate broker, Dulce Ridder has witnessed first-hand the negative impact that out of control

property taxes are having on families and our communities. Property taxes are forcing senior

citizens out of their homes, squeezing the checkbooks of middle-aged taxpayers and making it

nearly impossible for young people to realize the American Dream of buying and owning a

home. Dulce believes that the time has come for real property tax reform and the elimination

of property taxes.


Pennsylvania has a spending problem and not a revenue problem. Tax and spend politicians

continue to over-spend, over-regulate and overtax Pennsylvania families, small businesses and

taxpayers. As our State Representative, Dulce Ridder will fight to eliminate wasteful spending

and will not raise taxes on small businesses and families.


The ability to pursue the American Dream in Pennsylvania is shrinking. Job crushing

regulations, unfunded mandates, and high taxes have stymied the creation of family-sustaining

jobs. Pennsylvania continues to lag behind other states in job creation. Dulce Ridder will

support pro-growth policies and workforce training programs that help create a job-friendly

environment for businesses to create jobs and improve our economy.


Every parent wants the best education for their children. Dulce Ridder believes in investing in

public education as well as programs that allow parents to determine the best education

choices for their children. Dulce supports our public schools as well as providing alternatives

for children and families that seek alternatives to traditional public education.


Families are being torn apart by addiction. According to the Pennsylvania Department of

Health, every day 10 Pennsylvania residents die because of substance use disorder. The opioid

epidemic affects every segment of society. Rich, poor, black, white, men, women, young or old

– the opioid epidemic is unbiased in who it impacts. Dulce supports providing the necessary

resources and support to eradicate opioid and heroin addiction. We must reduce the number

of deaths, treat our addicts and provide families with the support that they deserve.


Our district faces a shortage of housing that is available and affordable for Veterans, Seniors, and low-income residents. Again being a real estate broker, Dulce sees first hand the desperate need for more affordable housing in Monroe County.  Dulce will support policies that incentivize private investment in increased affordable housing options.


As a mother of five children, Dulce Ridder shares the concerns of other parents that

the government must continue to provide local school districts with the tools to keep our schools

safe. She supports continued school safety grants which increase safety and security in our

schools. The grants can be used to provide additional school police officers, mental health

counselors, school safety training and physical safety upgrades to school buildings.


During the past decade, healthcare costs have soared. Dulce Ridder will fight to make

healthcare more affordable for families and seniors. She will support efforts to increase

telemedicine, which allows doctors to provide patients with a more convenient form of

healthcare within their communities. Dulce will also look to rein in the skyrocketing cost of

pharmaceuticals and increase access for individuals in need of behavioral health services.